What Is Good Tree Trimming Practice From A Tree Company

Let’s start with a definition of good trimming from a Truckee tree service. Gets whatever you want from your tree or shrub but while we do that, we maintain or increase the pleasing health aesthetics and long-term safety in trees. Hence, trimming isn’t anything we do for the trees themselves. Trimming is something we do because we want to change something to our benefit trees do a pretty good job on their growing and doing well. Our trim is for our purposes.

Before we get going, let’s go over the three kinds of cuts, there are only three kinds of cuts interning for both trees and shrubs, and if people just knew what was going to happen next when they make any of these kinds of cuts, all the map earning in the world would disappear overnight we have the wrong picture in our minds.

The top cut is called a heading cut, and that’s where you just cut the ends of the branches off. It is called a heading cut heading means to shorten, and non-selective heading or only plain heading suggests to trim to no place in particular, and people get into a lot of trouble with the head and cut their hope to make their tree or their shrubs shorter, and they whack it back to the size.

I used to like it, but one of two things will happen either it will die back and leave something called a dead stub, or you will experience an explosion of straight skinny ugly shoots called water sprouts. These are growing five times as fast as the tree was before, and that’s the bad news because you just went out one day to make your maple tree shorter. Instead, it’s the same size as it was before, except now it’s a mess, and our next reaction is generally to whack them all again because it didn’t get the message.

The Wrong Kind of Tree Trimming Head

However, when you cut them all again, they come back, except they’re exponentially more. Every place you make the heading cut, you stimulate more straight skinny shoots called water sprouts. Water sprouts are a direct reflection of too much or the wrong kind of trimming head.

What gets people into issues, and we will go over them individually, is okay if you’re trying to make something bushy like a hedge or doing a training cut on something like an espalier de fruit tree. Still, the by-and-large heading is hard on the health of the plant. The more challenging, the more significant and older and woody or the plant, the more it becomes like a tree. The correct way to shorten a branch is called a reduction cut. That’s the second one down. Of course, there have to be two names for everything in horticulture and agriculture, so it used to be called the selective head and cut. It’s called the reduction cut, and that’s we’re a pretty good chance because it reduces the branch’s length.

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