How To Go Through The Annulment Of The Marriage

How To Go Through The Annulment Of The Marriage

annulmentMost people understand what a divorce is. In fact, almost 50% of all marriages and in divorce very quickly. However, the people that understand that they have made a bad decision by marrying someone can go through an annulment instead. This is a process by which the actual marriage is legally made to disappear. It will be as if the two people were never married at all. If this is something you would like to go through, this can be done by filing proper paperwork, or you can use a legal professional to do it for you.

What Does An Annulment Do?

An annulment of the marriage is going to do a couple things. First of all, after both of you sign these papers, it will negate the marriage completely. Second, it completely divides the two of you, which means there will be no assets to divide, unless of course you do have children. This would be another matter, one that will be handled by a family law attorney. If you want to go through an annulment, which is traditionally much faster than a divorce, here is how you can go through the process.

What Paperwork Do You Need?

If you cannot afford an attorney, and you would like to do this on your own, there are several documents that need to be presented before a judge. This would include the document for petitioning the dissolution of the marriage. You also need to fill out a summons. If there are children, there is a separate form that must be filled out. In that document, the custody of the children as the two of you agree should also be presented. Finally, a declaration must be made, attached to all of the paperwork, which concisely explains why the marriage should be dissolved.

Why Working With A Lawyer Would Be A Better Choice

it would be much better to use a family law attorney that could do all of this paperwork for you. Part of the reason is that you still have to bring these documents to a legal professional to make sure they are properly filled out. This could become problematic if you turn in papers that are not completely filled out, or if you have submitted the wrong ones. Therefore, to negate any possibility of having this type of problem, simply use a family law attorney that can help you get this done.

How To Find Attorneys That Can Help You With Your Annulment

annulment processingFamily law attorneys that do annulments are numerous. As mentioned earlier, there are literally millions of people that go through a divorce on a regular basis. Las Vegas annulment and other annulment process is much more simplistic. Therefore, they will be more than happy to help you with this process. Once all of the papers have been created, and both of you have signed, they will also make copies. There will be a copy that is given to each party, the lawyer will keep a copy, and the original documents must be turned into the court of law.

In most cases, there’s not going to be an issue when requesting an annulment. As long as your reasoning is sound, or if there was something like bigamy where one party is still married to another person, it will be annulled immediately. If you do choose a local family law practice to help you, this could all be over within a few weeks. It just depends on the court date, and how quickly the attorney will be able to complete the paperwork and submit this so that the annulment can go through.

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